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Monday, February 27, 2006
  [MSH] Displaying Zip File contents
Let's have some fun with zip files.

I have searched through MSDN document on whether .NET library but could not finddd
any C#/VB.net library that deals with Zip file content.

I have been googling around the web but found a useful J# library for dealing with
zip files easily. The name of J# library is called "VJSLIB.DLL".

Here is the step on how to get a Zip file content

  1. Open "java.io.FileInputStream" for a zip file

  2. Pipe File Input stream object to "java.io.ZipInputStream"

  3. While there exists a content in a zip input stream, get a content of type "ZipEntry"

  4. Close "ZipInputStream" first and then "FileInputStream"

# Author: DBMwS
# Date: 02/27/2006 @ 04:13 PM EST
# Description: Retrieve a Zip file's content
# (either display only files inside the zip file or return ZipEntry object)
# Note: This function requires J# Library, "vjslib"
# Usage: get-ZipContent file_name [[System.Bool] -toString]
# Reference: http://codeproject.com/csharp/VmEasyZipUnZip.asp
# Params
# 1) $zipFileName: Path of zip file
# 2) $toString: return name of zip content, otherwise return ZipEntry
function Get-ZipContent {
param($zipFileName = $(throw "Enter Zip File Name"), [bool]$toString = $true)

# Load J# library
# used "out-null" instead of "[void]" since "out-null" would not display
# loaded assembly even if there was an exception thrown
[System.Reflection.Assembly]::LoadWithPartialName("vjslib") | out-null

# 1) Open "java.io.FileInputStream" for a zip file
$fis = new-object java.io.FileInputStream($zipFileName)
# 2) Pipe File Input stream object to "java.io.ZipInputStream"
$zis = new-object java.util.zip.ZipInputStream($fis)

# 3) While there exists a content in a zip input stream, get a content of type "ZipEntry"
while (($ze = $zis.getNextEntry()) -ne $null) {
if ($toString) {
# Pass string value to pipe
Write-Object $ze.ToString()
} else {
# Pass actualy ZipEntry object to pipe

# 4) Close "ZipInputStream" first and then "FileInputStream"

trap {
if ($zis -ne $null) { $zis.close() }
if ($fis -ne $null) { $fis.close() }
It is still not complete since, it does not list a zip file inside a given zip file name(no recursive listing)
But I have left that part out on purpose since "get-ZipContent" can be called recursively in a while loop in another function.

Here is how one can utilize "Get-ZipContent"

MSH>ls | where {!$_.MshIsContainer -and $_.name -like "*.zip"} | foreach { get-zipcontent $_.fullname } | where { $_ -like "*.jpg" }

In above code snippet, i have used "where {!$_.MshIsContainer -and $_.name -like "*.zip"}" to filter out directories and select files with only "*.zip" extension
(Well, if you don't filter out files that way, get-ZipContent would fail half way when a directory or a non-zip file has been passed to it)

Well, I will be talking about how to actually "extract" the contents in the next blog.

EDIT: Tested under both Monad v3.0 & v3.1 ;) Refer to /\/\o\/\/'s blog on Beta v3.1 release here

Reference: Zip and Unzip from a C# program using J# runtime by Valeri

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I think what you're looking for is #ziplib.

I think actually you're looking for the new GZipStream class in System.IO.Compression :-)
Oooh...I didn't know about that one! Thanks!

When I checked out WinFx Document, i was able to find that namespace.
Thanks for the tips there, to both Nick and "Anonymous" poster..
i use the jar command line from jdk:
jar tvf myfile.zip
jar tvf myfile.jar
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